¿Sigue habiendo una brecha entre el ecosistema PyData y CPython?

Al hilo del nuevo PEP 637, que contiene este párrafo:

Additionally, there has been an expanded growth of packages for data analysis such as pandas and xarray, which use names to describe columns in a table (pandas) or axis in an nd-array (xarray). These packages allow users to access specific data by names, but cannot currently use index notation ([]) for this functionality.

James Powell, uno de los directores de NumFOCUS, dice lo siguiente:


I’ve heard feedback from @PyData core devs whose projects were used to justify decisions,yet they were never invited to the conversation! How frustrating for a community responsible for enormous recent growth of Python use but often not considered an equal partner in lang design

Este es solo el último capítulo. Recordemos que sigue existiendo esa visión de que “Continuum Analytics jamás debió haber creado conda, y debieron contribuir a pip en su lugar”, que es una representación muy burda de lo que ocurrió en realidad:


I’m not making those claims. I often use pip alongside conda.
You’ve got your chronology wrong. Guido encouraged us, as a community, to create our own packaging system because our needs were probably beyond the scope of core Python packaging.

(Este último hilo tiene ramificaciones muy interesantes: https://treeverse.app/view/Q3fTff0g)