PROBANDO DE argparse modificar

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Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "u:\oracle\", line 10, in <module>
    class sre_constants():
  File "u:\oracle\", line 77, in sre_constants
    MAXREPEAT = _NamedIntConstant(32,name=str(32))
TypeError: 'name' is an invalid keyword argument for int()

class sre_constants():
    # Secret Labs' Regular Expression Engine
    # various symbols used by the regular expression engine.
    # run this script to update the _sre include files!
    # Copyright (c) 1998-2001 by Secret Labs AB.  All rights reserved.
    # See the file for information on usage and redistribution.

    """Internal support module for sre"""

    # update when constants are added or removed

    MAGIC = 20171005

    from _sre import MAXREPEAT, MAXGROUPS

    # SRE standard exception (access as sre.error)
    # should this really be here?

    class error(Exception):
        """Exception raised for invalid regular expressions.


            msg: The unformatted error message
            pattern: The regular expression pattern
            pos: The index in the pattern where compilation failed (may be None)
            lineno: The line corresponding to pos (may be None)
            colno: The column corresponding to pos (may be None)

        __module__ = 're'

        def __init__(self, msg, pattern=None, pos=None):
            self.msg = msg
            self.pattern = pattern
            self.pos = pos
            if pattern is not None and pos is not None:
                msg = '%s at position %d' % (msg, pos)
                if isinstance(pattern, str):
                    newline = '\n'
                    newline = b'\n'
                self.lineno = pattern.count(newline, 0, pos) + 1
                self.colno = pos - pattern.rfind(newline, 0, pos)
                if newline in pattern:
                    msg = '%s (line %d, column %d)' % (msg, self.lineno, self.colno)
                self.lineno = self.colno = None

    class _NamedIntConstant(int):
        def __init__(cls, value):
            self = super(_NamedIntConstant, cls).__init__(cls, value)
   = name
            return self

        def __repr__(self):

        __reduce__ = None

    MAXREPEAT = _NamedIntConstant(32,name=str(32))

    def _makecodes(names):
        names = names.strip().split()
        items = [_NamedIntConstant(i, name) for i, name in enumerate(names)]
        globals().update({ item for item in items})
        return items