Mercadona Tech - Backend Developer - Madrid - 43-60K

Mercadona Tech, a spin-off of Mercadona, is in charge of the new online solution revolutionizing the grocery shopping experience. Our tech team is formed by 140 motivated people ready to go above and beyond what is expected. Our objective is to create a simple and intuitive online experience for our customers, complementing a supply chain that strives for efficient logistics through technology. We deliver more than 7000 orders daily and manage over 600 routes in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante and soon Sevilla.

You’ll be part of our Last Mile team. We developed the internal routing system two years ago, but we feel it’s time to go further and make real history. Our primary mission is to improve, scale, and take to the next level the routing system for Last Mile operations of Mercadona Online. These involve two principal scopes: definition and implementation of the innovative strategies for transportation and finding the best solution for the Vehicle Routing problems. It´s a unique opportunity to develop disruptive and groundbreaking technologies and create an efficient operating model for our routing systems.

What’s per technology, at our backend team:

  • We have our CI/CD structure set up with Jenkins (+Docker), and we deploy several times each day.
  • Our stack is Python + Django/DRF, and we follow an Event-Driven Distributed Architecture.
  • We add tests to everything (really, everything!). We have an internal tool called Bodyguard responsible for our e2e tests.

*Sentry, Kibana, and Grafana are used to monitor everything going on.

  • We try to share as much code as we can across services, so we publish some projects as Open Source or in the internal PyPI repository.

Link to apply: Backend Engineer Madrid (Last Mile) - Job Application
Our blog: Mercadona Tech

Salary range: 43-60K EUR

In 1 month…

You will know everything that the public does not see in our project. You will go to our warehouse, where we prepare our orders so you’ll experience firsthand our preparation and distribution processes. In addition, you will receive various introductory talks about our infrastructure, services/microservices, and the teams that maintain and develop them. You will also have some (rather little :D) time to create from scratch some simple features to understand our development pipeline. You will do all this with one of us, who will be your buddy to help you in your adaptation process.

In 3 months…

You’ll be already set up and working. You’ll know how we work, you’ll have written many tests and put into production some features, you’ll have met us all, and you’ll know each one of us by name! You will be assigned to one of the teams, where you will actively take part in everything that happens. Dailies, plannings, groomings, kick-offs, demos, and retros are all part of our team rituals, but everyone chooses when and how to do them.

In 6 months…

You will understand the team’s vision, why we do things the way we do, and our goals. At this point, you’ll have plenty to contribute. You’ll understand what the priorities are and make informed decisions. In addition, as a valuable team member, you will have participated in the definition of your team’s shared goals. The rest of the team will have had time, get to know you better, and even dedicate some funny Memes.


From day one, you’ll work hand in hand with your buddy, who will help you set up your computer, get access to everything you need, and integrate you into the team. Once you’ve gone through our onboarding process and can work independently, you’ll still have ongoing support from the rest of the front-end team.

You will participate in an XP team practicing SCRUMban:

  • Attending stand-ups

  • Contributing to the analysis and design in the planning and/or grooming sessions

  • Showcasing your work in our sprint demos

  • Sharing your feedback in the retros


Understanding how to deliver the best engineering solutions.
Know what makes phenomenal product experiences.
Welcome and embrace change and the capability to adapt to new contexts quickly.
Willingness to improve yourself and your team.
Nice to have: some experience with the Last Mile logistics or Vehicle Routing

You can learn more about Last Mile delivery team in this post: How Last Mile team influence the customer and employee experience at Mercadona | by Joanna Sypniewska | Mercadona Tech | Medium

And what about us? We can offer:

  • Attractive salary policy
  • The best equipment to work
  • Flexible working hours
  • Language classes
  • Continuous learning and development
  • Office meetups
  • International environment (over 16 different nationalities)
  • Juicy internal referral policy
  • Remote friendly environment
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