Hocelot - Data Scientist Engineer

We’re looking for a talented Data Scientist-Engineer who works closely with our high tech team for assemble large, complex data sets that meet functional/non-functional business requirements. He/She will create and implement data science models at scale in our data centric platform.

Key Responsibilities

  • Partner with data scientists to understand, implement, refine and design machine learning at large scale
  • Work with data scientists to create and refine features from the underlying data and build pipelines to train and deploy models
  • Define and optimize data sources to support machine learning process
  • Integrate data and algorithmic processes to create products based on data
  • Run regular A/B tests, gather data, perform statistical analysis
  • Develop processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance and data accuracy


  • Experience in a similar role as a Data Scientist/Data Engineer
  • Degree (or equivalent) in quantitative area or Computer Science
  • Ability to work with data query and data processing tools
  • Practical experience with data science tools and frameworks (Machine learning techniques and principles)
  • Ability to work with data structures, algorithms, performance complexity, and implications of computer architecture on software performance
  • Practical experience deploying highly scalable software supporting millions or more users (Integrating applications and platforms with cloud technologies)
  • Practical experience with Python, Java or Scala
  • Desirable: Deep learning architectures

Salary: 30K-40K Interested? Get in touch. d.hernandez@hocelot.com