Hiring new Tech Lead with French

WITH Madrid - Tech Lead - Madrid - +50K

WITH is a 120-people digital consultancy founded 8 years ago with four offices in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona & Geneva. We tend to focus on the areas of business & marketing where the paint is fresh: Digital transformation, e-Commerce, payment systems, CRM, NLP, AI, Data Management, OCR, mobile apps. In those areas, we master more than 25 different topics among the most demanded on the market. Our obsession is to remain above the fray and help our clients as they modernise their business.

The responsibilities

We are looking for a team leader to manage and accompany half of our engineering team composed of 12 front, back and full-stack developers.

Our favorite tools you should be familiar with are:

Django (for APIs),
Wagtail (for CMS),
Oscar (for e-Commerce)
Nuxt/VueJS (for front-ends)
Capacitor (for native apps)

Your key responsibility will be to enforce our code best practices for each product your dev team builds for our customers. You will guarantee we efficiently implement new features and cleverly manage the technical debt. A significant amount of your work will be to help on a daily basis your dev team members to navigate the technical challenges they might face and to help them grow their technical skills.

In this context, your missions will be the following:

Work hand in hand with the CTO
Take technical leadership to support a team of 6 developers
Code review / code peering responsibilities on all agency projects
Participation as a senior developer to bootstrap projects with a high level of complexity
Participate as a software architect to customer meetings to drive and build our technical credibility

Any skill that you bring can be pushed to our clients and generate new kinds of projects!

The experience

In order to perform this mission, you will need at least 10 years of significant experiences in development and preferably web development and at least 4 years in a dev lead position. You are required to master the following stacks:

Full proficiency in Python / Django / Wagtail on backend
Full proficiency in VueJS / Nuxt on frontend
Good proficiency in IT/cloud aspects

Most specifically, here are skills that we like to see:

An overall technical culture
Personal projects (a GitHub page?)
Ease with Agile methods (especially XP)
Motivation, curiosity and autonomy
Ease to talk with clients
Mastered technical English (English is our work language)
Master French (in your interactions with customers)

This list is indicative. If you think that the mission is for you, don’t hesitate to reach out anyway to explain us why!

The technical team

The team aims to stay agile despite its growth. We make sure that everybody can work on projects that get their interest, even if it requires training to jump on new technologies.

We have well-defined process and methodology, based on Extreme Programming, to ensure that requirements are realistic and that deadlines can reasonably be met.

Our company goal is also to embrace diversity and to make sure that we can all work together. The team is international and we would welcome foreigners as well as Spanish candidates. As such, the working language in the office is English.

And finally, we encourage everybody to participate in open-source projects like BERNARD, our own framework to create chatbot services. This of course includes coding but also stepping on the stage to talk about what we do and what we believe.

The perks

You will enjoy a joyful open-minded family spirit with:

An open-space office with a stunning terrasse over Madrid skyline
Flexible hours
Remote location (work at home or at the office)
Unlimited vacations
Brazilian cook preparing meals 3-days a week
Team seminary (last one was in Menorca)
Innovation projects
Formation and training
Playground (playstation, VR / MR, piano,…)
And much more to be discovered by yourself…

The process

Our recruiting process includes a technical test that will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your dev skills. Upon successfully completing the test, you are guaranteed to have your ticket for the interviews with the COO and CTO. After which you will receive a formal proposal and hopefully followed by the hiring welcome party!

The entire process is typically done in less than a week.