Cómo entrar en la red Meetup.com Pro de la PSF

Pongo aquí las instrucciones de la PSF para unir vuestro grupo de Meetup.com a su red y que así paguen ellos la subscripción.

Cualquier duda, contestad en este hilo.

Please apply for a PSF Meetup grant here. Please include basic information about your group, as well as the % of meetups dedicated to Python.

Here is some more information about the Sponsorship Model of Meetup Pro along with a few links for you to review.

The PSF initiated a Python Software Foundation Meetups Pro network and chose the Sponsorship model instead of the Ownership model. The Sponsorship model allows the PSF to invite existing groups to the Meetup Pro network. The organizers no longer pay for the meetup subscription once they become part of the PSF network.

The PSF can run reports on meetup activity, such as number of interested attendees and number of events. However, management of membership and events is left to the group’s organizers. Any deposits for RSVPing to an event or paying for an event is managed by the organizer, not the PSF.

Once an organizer has accepted the invite, there will be a notation under the group name: “Part of Python Software Foundation network.” In the future, the PSF can set up event templates that organizers may choose to use or set up a Slack channel for all PSF organizers to share best practices. See this article for more information.

Event Frequency

Meetup groups in Python Software Foundation’s Meetup Pro network must hold at least 2 events per calendar year to stay in the network. Events may be online or in-person.

Code of Conduct

The PSF requires that you either post a link (you can use the PSF’s CoC) or full text of your code of conduct in the About section of your Meetup page to become eligible and remain in the PSF Meetup network.


The PSF will receive a single quarterly invoice via email and local organizers will no longer have to pay for an individual organizer subscription.

Please include the latest Meetup subscription invoice in your grant request. Once you are accepted to the PSF Meetup Pro network, we will work with Meetup to issue a credit for the unused, current subscription.