Capchase - Software Engineer (Automation) - Madrid - 30 - 40k€

Capchase is an early-stage startup aiming to radically transform how SaaS companies fund their growth by allowing them to receive upfront cash for contracts they sign with customers. We are shaping a new way for software companies to finance their growth (it’s not us who say it, it’s the Wall Street Journal).

To carry out this mission, we’ve received $4.6M in funding from some of the best seed-stage VCs in the business like Bling Capital (Airtable, Gitlab, Lyft, Square…), SciFI (CEO was PayPal co-founder) or Box Group (Amplitude, Stripe…). You’ll be able to get in touch with some of the best product people in Silicon Valley.

We are looking for a Software Engineer for automation tasks. As an early technical hire in this exciting venture, you’ll design, implement and deliver all our data automation workflows so that our team can focus on non-repetitive tasks that truly add value. There really is a ton space to build and explore!

You’ll solve hard problems and have deep impact on the end-product. Expect to work in a fast-paced environment, with amazing engineers who believe in our mission. We’re looking for passionate engineers who love building and learning .

:rocket: The Job

  • You’ll be exploring the limits of workflow automation. Once data sources are synced to our platform, you’ll design and implement the end-to-end process of how that data is stored, transformed, and delivered to our financial analysts. The target is to decrease by 90% the time spent on each analysis by automating the s*** out of it.
  • You’ll be a Software Engineer in a team of Data Scientists. Your duty is to act as liaison between the Data team and the Platform/Backoffice team, making sure all the data flows are correctly managed. Speaking the (programming) language of both teams is, thus, very important.
  • Automating is an ongoing process. There are always new workflows that can be automated or existing workflows that can be improved or need to be fixed. You’ll be the owner of this critical engine for the company.
  • We make technical decisions as a team. You’ll get to make critical decisions on how we evolve our tech stack.
  • We know for a fact that talent attracts talent. We’d love for you to help bring on board the people you’ve most enjoyed working with.

:brain: The Requirements

  • +3 years of experience in a challenging Software Engineering role.
  • You’re a Python wizard :mage:‍♂. Specifically, you master Pandas and Numpy.
  • Experience with designing, implementing, and testing performant relational databases (SQL) and non-relational databases (MongoDB).
  • Experience with dashboards and data visualisation.
  • English is a must because we have team members from different countries.

:bulb: Extra Credit

  • You’ve decent knowledge of column-oriented databases.
  • You’ve decent knowledge of Javascript and/or Go to communicate with the Platform team.
  • You’ve worked with data pipelines in the past (Dagster, Airflow).
  • You understand CI/CD, build and deployment tools (e.g. Jenkins, Github Actions) and monitoring systems.
  • Experience with Docker or containers in general.
  • You are familiar with fintech/payment platforms and/or SaaS.
  • You’ve worked in fast-paced startup environments; ready to work remotely full time.

:bar_chart: Useful info

  • 100% remote (not that there is much of a choice these days :sweat_smile:). We do have a nice office in Madrid, so if you are in the area you can work from there as well.
  • Flexible hours and paid-time-off policy.
  • Yearly personal education budget.
  • €30-40k salary range.
  • Stock options.

If interested, please get in touch with us at